Ebacky’s name is Kazumasa EBATA. Ebacky is an experienced coach in Agile and Scrum. Originally from Aichi in Japan, sail through school. He has been learning “Toyota Production System” from then on. He had been involved in steel stock study in an educational-industrial complex consisting of his University and certain carmaker for 3 years. it was a positive experience to him. Its experience is useful to his coaching.

He has a strong background as a developer and technologist, including experience as a programmer in large and small teams, Scrum master and development manager. His experience is general-purpose machine’s programer and manager on giant steelmaker in Japan, web application’s programer and manager on certain small company and application’s manager on financial information system in Japan. etc. Meanwhile he has many failures. This failures is useful to his coaching, too.

Of course, He is interested in engineering practices like Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Refactoring, and he coach it.

Ebacky is determined to show the world that build foundation where Japanese manufacturing culture is sent from Japan.