Ivan Zimine

Ivan is a developer and trainer in Odd-e Singapore team. He spent 10 years in academia doing functional brain imaging and 3 years in Philips Healthcare clinical science team doing translational R&D for "neuro" product line. He also has experience working with startups and in educational sector.

He started programming in mid 90's using Delphi and C on Windows 3.11. Then learned about UNIX and early web technologies while working at CERN's library in the summer of 1995. Since then he has been a member of several technical user groups and hackerspaces in Geneva, Tokyo and Singapore. He has been an active member of the Python User Group Singapore since 2010, and was on the organizing committee of PyCon-APAC/Singapore from 2012 to 2016.

His interest in "agile" comes from a very long interest and study of complex systems manifested in all non-trivial biological, social and technical systems and interactions between such systems. He sees "agile" or better termed "adaptive" methods as the most effective way of handling complexity of practical problems that people have to deal with daily at work.

Although he read Kent Beck's "Extreme programming" book back in 2004 and many other books on "agile" since then, the real knowledge of "agile why and how" came from working directly with his Singaporean and other Odd-e colleagues.

You can find more about Ivan on LinkedIn.