Joseph is an Odd-e Agile Coach and provides agile practice coaching and training for teams. He has more than 13 years’ development and project management experience in software industry, as well as, a broad knowledge in both internet (web & app) and desktop software development. He is an active player and contributor of agile community in China. As a software craftsman, he has been playing coding kata daily since 2011. Meanwhile, he has been organized many coding dojo and coderetreat in companies, community events, and conferences.

He has lots of experience about Scrum. He was a Scrum Master for quite a long time. In that role, he served and coached many development teams and product owners. Also, he is good at facilitating Scrum meetings and coaching teams by powerful questions, which can help team member to discover potential issues or improvements by themselves. Therefore, team can achieve self-transformation to a true agile team.

He has a deep understanding and rich practical experience of agile engineering practices, e.g. writing readable code, unit testing, isolating legacy code, refactoring, test driven development, etc. Also, he can organize coding dojo to improve developer’s coding skill and code quality. He is a Java expert and familiar with J2EE based web development’s protocol, open source software and tools.

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