Lv Yi

Lv Yi has worked in various positions in Telecom industry since graduation in 2000, ranging from Software Developer to Management position such as development manager, project manager and quality manager.

From late 2005, he started to get acquainted with Agile software development, in particular, Scrum. First, he introduced Scrum to manage the projects, then, acted as driving force in transforming the whole product organization. He led a department inside that product organization and focused on developing teams and Scrum Masters to create sustainability. It was not an easy 5-year journey, but very rewarding one in terms of both improving the business and the people.

With his genuine belief and passion on Agile and Scrum, he initiated Scrum China community and contributed Agile community development in China. He became the first Certified Scrum Trainer from China since 2008.

With his current role at Odd-e, he will give his best expertise to help more organizations transform to Agile, and coach teams to improve their output and learning. He will contribute further on Agile/Scrum community in China, with special focus on cities where the community is not yet active but it will be beneficial to have the platform.