Stanly Lau is an Agile Coach in Odd-e. He previously worked as a developer and manager. He lives in an environment where IT is seen undervalued and “the only way a developer can progress is to become a manager”. This could be a reason way many people switch out of IT and he nearly got influenced by that. Instead, he searched for better ways on software development and that leads him to Agile. From then on, he enjoys helping others to produce better quality software in a sustainable way.

He is particularly interested in engineering practices like Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Refactoring. He is also focusing on Scrum and yearns to improve his facilitation skills so that it helps people effectively.

He likes to read technical books and do/discuss programming. On a less nerdy side, he likes photography and inline skating.

Stanly is based in Singapore and can be contacted at stanly AT