About Steven Mak

Steven Mak is an Agile Coach of Odd-e team. He is interested in every part of software development activities and a variety of programming languages, from mainstream to the very exotic. He considers code quality very important as this is what fundamentally the programmers are working on and also what software company is delivering. At the moment, He is focused on test-driven development, refactoring, continuous integration, and of course Scrum.

He begins interested in programming while he was in primary school. Later obtained a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. To pursue better understanding of teams, customers, and products, he completed a Master degree in Business Administration at Imperial College London.


Below is a list of coaching and consulting services Steven provides:

Community Involvement

In addition to work, Steven is the organizer for Agile Hong Kong meetup, Agile Tour Hong Kong, and Agile Hong Kong Conference. He often serves in regional conferences as proposal reviewers. He speaks at local, regional, and international conferences, varying from agile-themed conferences to other conferences and meetups, including QCon Beijing, Regional Scrum Gathering, Agile Tour, PyCon, Open Source Software Conference, etc, to pursue his passion of spreading good ways of working to audience of different background.

In 2018-2020, Steven also serves as a member of Board of Directors of International Association of Facilitators (IAF), Hong Kong Chapter.

His speaking engagement include:

What people say about Steven

He taught my colleagues how Scrum work, providing mentorship to our project manager on how to work with customers, and facilitate discussion with customers on how to work together using Scrum.

This in turn has an important impact for us working with a major customer where they require vendors to adopt agile, and equip us company-wide to work in agile manner for future projects.

Steven keeps remind us timely on a wide scope, not limited to programming nor product development, to think and check in agile. We value his consultancy very much.

Ben C., Managing Director

He guides us through product development and ideation process with agile. He facilitates discussion with customers and helps us reflecting what we want to prioritise hence identify MVP.

He also helped us setting up developer and design practices, and that guides our developers and product designers working together, instead working in silos.

Since we wish our product can be used as a part of Agile / Scrum development. He has led to conduct an user research to let our designer without real Agile/Scrum experience to think how to design the product to achieve the goal.

Ben L., Startup Founder