Stuart Turner

Changing games for over 25 years, I use my affection for laziness to help you improve the games being played at work, accelerating your progress with savvier investment of your time, energy and money. Something as simple as an invitation allows us to intentionally improve the games you’re already playing.

I used to follow the rules and learn how to perform well, often exceptionally so. I discovered the supposed outcome from playing well quite often did not materialise; there were lesser-known rules that came into play. Games at work were not fun, as they can be, and the outcomes often reflected the experience of playing. As I performed, I discovered I had a talent for learning improved rules. I quickly learned knowing better rules did not mean I had the ability or skills to change them. So it was I learned how to change the rules, to improve the outcomes, and not just for me.

So now my clients and I co-create a new game, to learn more about the games you’re playing and the rules by which you play. You can then intentionally change the rules of your games for better results. Busyness and disappointment are replaced by more energy, creativity and fulfillment.

Some of the skills and tools I’ve found useful in this endeavour are personal coaching, executive coaching, open space technology, Scrum, organizational development and software product development. I’m a Co-Active trained coach by CTI, a member of the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) by the Scrum Alliance® and an OpenSpace Agility® trainer.

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