Viktor is an Agile / Scrum Coach and software craftsman, with over 15 years of experience in leading and coaching (distributed) teams, management, and building software. Viktor has designed and developed software solutions for transport, government, banking and retail industries. He has been in technically leading or advising roles since 2001 in teams working mainly with Java technology in an Enterprise context.

Viktor has track record of getting teams to deliver business value in production after each sprint continuously and still maintaining high quality in every aspect.

In order to achieve this, Viktor has extensive experience in teaching Agile fundamentals, Scrum (planing, retrospective, review, sprints, continuous improvement) and roles, XP, Agile contracting and metrics, defining product vision, defining user epics and stories, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Agile design and architecture, Continuous Delivery and creating DevOps environment and teams.

Above all, Viktor’s most important experience is how to make whole teams very enthusiastic, empowered, responsible, moving full of energy towards common goal and having fun doing it.

In the world of complex architecture processes, Viktor has become an alternative voice by completely redefining the way we deal with quality and architecture; driven by Lean and Agile values. Viktor publishes frequently, blogs, and speaks frequently on (international) conferences - GOTO Amsterdam 2012, GOTO Amsterdam 2013, ASAS2014, Agile gatherings, and for many companies.

He has delivered many trainings in Agile and Scrum for specific companies. He also organises periodically course Agile Architecture for developers, analysts, IT management and architects.

Viktor is born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, moved to The Netherlands in 1993, where he finished his education. After his studies in 1999, Viktor has been employed by IBAS as a system developer and designer. In 2003 Viktor made the switch to VX Company. Employed as a senior J2EE specialist he mainly performed the role of a J2EE developer, architect and coach.

In 2005 Viktor has been employed by Xebia, (leading Dutch organization in Agile software development and systems integration solutions) as a principal consultant and Agile Coach. The main clients were the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Municipality of Amsterdam and ProRail. In 2010 Viktor decided to become a freelancer. The assignments are Agile Coach and Architect for Port of Rotterdam, large mission-critical project named HaMIS; organization wide Agile and Scrum introduction at SETAR (Aruba), Agile and Scrum introduction for Sdu publisher and distributed off-shore team.

After 20 years in The Netherlands, Viktor moved permanently to Hong Kong. He has provided Scrum trainings for one Hong Kong customer since september (TDD, User Story writing and splitting, Agile Architecture & modelling) and currently coaches one of the major banks in Hong Kong on three levels (organisational, team and technical).

Feel free to contact him at viktor AT and you can also find him on LinkedIn.