Yeong Sheng

Yeong Sheng is an Agile Coach in the Odd-e Singapore team.
He started out developing software for Semiconductor equipment control and automation in the late 1990s.
During the slump of the semiconductor industry, he was moved from the Manufacturing Execution System group, to work on enterprise application integration.

He spent his next 10 years developing bespoke business applications to rejuvenate proprietary/mainframe backend applications in the publishing, logistics and banking domains.

He last worked in a local tech startup, that got acquired by a SunnyVale tech company, that provided both cloud and on-premise, location based analytics solution using WiFi signals.

He enjoys exploring new evolving programming languages and development stack in his spare time, and contributes and share his experiences in the local tech meetups.

Yeong Sheng had his first taste of scrum in 2007, and had his ideas and knowledge re-calibrated when he attended Bas’ CSM, CSD and CLP classes between 2011 and 2015.

He runs and swims to clear his head for the day.

Yeong Sheng’s Profile: