Ops for Devs

24 October 2017 - 2 days

Hong Kong

Course Description

This is not any conventional Devops class you will find in the market, which is typically about going through how to use tools which any serious person could learn by following manuals. But we will go deeper into experiencing the nature and essence of Devops.

This is a class about personal development productivity, and how developers and operation collaborate. There is one thing Devs and Ops are in common: they both have core skills to master. It is hard to imagine a Michellin star chef knows nothing about knifes. Similarly, you cannot become a great software engineer if you do not understand core ideas behind programming languages.

Development and Operations are both sides of the coin

  • Customers want operable systems
  • Environmental Configuration and Deployment-related code should be stored alongside with product code
  • Continous Integration not only integrates code, but also integrates into operating environment
  • Development and Operations should collaborate continuously

We did not have full-stack developers 20 years ago, just like Multimedia PC

Laziness is important virtue for developers

  • Command line is very handy
  • Despite of many commands and options, they let us more productive
  • Despite of many shortcuts to remember, they let us type like rockets!

Too lazy to do things manually, so we automate it!

  • As long as work needs to be repeated, automate it no matter how simple it is
  • If manual work gets tedious, automate it
  • There is only 100% automated, no such thing as 99%

Target Audience

  • Programmers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Full Stack Programmers


This is not a theoretical class. You need to bring your own laptop to finish exercises.

We assume you already know something about

We will also provide cheatsheets for Bash and some common commands.

BTW, you won’t need a mouse in this class.

If you use Windows

If you use macOS

  • XCode
  • iTerm2
  • Homebrew …brew tap caskroom/cask …brew cask install virtualbox vagrant …brew install git bash (You can also install them mannually)

If you use Linux/BSD

  • Virtual Box
  • Vagrant
  • Git
  • JDK

Course Agenda

The course starts at 9.00am and ends around 5:30pm.

  • How to programs to be more Ops-friendly
  • How to make environment easier to maintain, and identify “Operation Smells”
  • Refactoring for Operations
  • Automated Living Operation Document, using Ansible
  • Refactoring Ansible Playbook
  • Jenkins & Pipeline
  • Containers and Microservices
  • AWS

About Chai Feng

Feng is a programmer and a technical coach from Odd-e. He has much experience of programming more than 10 years. And he also has experience in Unix and Linux, IT automated operations, automated testing (mobile/web/desktop), Continuous integration, Continuous delivery. In his leisure time, he also organizes technical communities, such as QClub, Agile Tour, Code Retreat.

Since 2013, as a coach at Odd-e, he gives best experience in helping more teams by engineering, including CI, Test-driven development, Unit testing, Code refactoring, Specification by Example, etc. The industry has the financial, insurance, telecommunications, securities, healthcare, Internet, education, government, etc. The applications has mobile communication gateway, embedded applications, web applications, mobile, etc.

On the work of some mobile project of China Pingan, with his help, the team can reuse 95% automated testing code on both iOS and Android platforms. This helps them more efficient to do the test. On the work of some medical device project of GE Healthcare, he helped the team compile and deploy the project full automatic, and reduced the time of deployment from 1 hour to 5 minutes, then reached 3 seconds. This helps the team to deploy their product 20-30 times a day, instead of 2-3 times a week.


19/F, Connaught HarbourFront House
35-36 Connaught Road West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Map


The course fee is HKD7200. If you register one month before the class starts, you can enjoy the early bird discount price of HKD6,400.


To register, please contact Steven via email.