Certified Scrum Product Owner

by Lv Yi

This 2-day course helps you learn Scrum framework and how to become an effective Product Owner within that framework, from theory to practice.

On the day one, we start from the Scrum foundation, including its history, Agile manifesto and how empirical process control applies for complex projects. Then, we go over the Scrum framework in brief. We will go to Product Owner role in details. We learn multiple important aspects to Product Owner. Product Owner needs to understand value thinking and apply onto product development. Product Owner needs to collaborate with different parties. And Product Owner needs to understand quality thinking and the effect of legacy product.

On the day two, we will get into more practical aspects of Product Owner role. We start from visioning. Then, we go on to create good product backlog, with value and cost estimate, with solid priority, and with appropriate details corresponding to its priority. Based on the product backlog, we plan the release and manage the release. Product Owner then works with team for sprint delivery. In the end of the course, we shall talk about starting the transition to a great Product Owner.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn Scrum in general and Product Owner role in depth.

More information

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