Certified ScrumMaster™

by Bas Vodde

This three-day Certified Scrum Master course covers the what, how and especially the whys of the Scrum framework for product development – from the theory to practice. The course is structured around stories and discussions and is targeted to anyone who wants a deep understanding of Scrum. This includes team members, ProductOwners, ScrumMasters and other stakeholders. Most of the course is given from the ScrumMasters perspective.

The course lasts 3 days from 9 to 17. The first day’s content is more conceptual. It covers background, overview, roles, empirical process control, and the key differences between Scrum and other ways of developing new products. It also contains common impacts to the larger organization. The second days content is practical and focused on the ProductOwner and the Team roles. How to do a backlog? How to plan? How to estimate? How to do a daily Scrum? The third day contains more related to the ScrumMaster role, scaling up and organizational obstacles. At the end of the third day, the participant will have concrete knowledge on how to implement Scrum and an understanding of why to do it that way.

Basic knowledge about Scrum is expected and some experience preferred. At minimum read the great introduction to Scrum: the Scrum Primer

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