LeSS in Action: Developer Practices (Certified Basic & Advanced Scrum Developer @ScrumAlliance)

Course Description

Agility is constrained by Technical Agility. The 5-day development practice course is 70% hands-on and 30% lecture and has three main focuses: Large-Scale Scrum, technical practices, and authentic team dynamics. It covers Scrum practices such as cross-team Sprint Planning, Backlog Refinement, working as a team, and many technical practices such as


Who is this class for

We don’t expect participants to have prior knowledge of the tech stack listed below, including the programming languages or domain. People are welcome to the class as long as they are fluent software developers.

We also allow 1~2 non-current developers (e.g., a ScrumMaster or PO) in each class, as long as they have some development experience and promise to work as a developer in a team in the class. So far, their feedback is even better than the developers:-) It’s probably due to the opportunity to observe a team from within and the others doing their job.


N/B: It’s hard to document what we do in the course precisely. Because every time the teams will be working on different product backlog items and continue the product left by the previous class, many contents will be emergent.

Current Product Technology stack

We chose a particular stack so that people do real work in the class, but the specific stack doesn’t matter so much for participation. Our current stack is:

The source code is publicly available here: https://github.com/nerds-odd-e/doughnut

More info

For more information, please contact info AT odd-e.com