Conversion from greymatter to b2evolution

These are some short notes on a conversion from greymatter blog to b2evolution blog I did. I hope that these can be useful for people who have similar problems.

The conversion is highly version specific. So the versions I used are:

  • Greymatter 1.3.1
  • b2evolution 1.8 Beta
  • The basic idea behind the conversion it to export the greymatter to movable type export format and then use the movable type importer in b2evolution to import the posts.

    1. Follow the instructions in the movable type manual about exporting greymatter. You an find them here
    2. The above instructions in step 4, change the entry template and put AUTHOR on the third line. Move the AUTHOR line to the first time. The b2evolution importer expects it to be on the first, otherwise it will fail.
    3. Edit the file inc/CONTROL/import/import-mt.php and change:
    4. Almost done. Now move the index that was generated by greymatter in the same dir as the admin.php of b2evolution and call in import.txt
    5. MANUALLY CHECK the import.txt file. All the ---- lines should be on the beginning of the line. Greymatter sometimes makes a mess of the linefeeds.
    6. Now login on b2evolution as admin and run, from the tools menu, the mt importer. Better switch the simulare flag on the first time.
    That's how I did it and it worked. Good luck